About Us

Our Mission

CureGRIN is a foundation founded and run by parents who are committed to improving the lives of people living with GRIN Disorders. Our goal is to find cures and therapies for people around the world suffering from single-gene disorders related to the GRIN1, GRIN2A, GRIN2B, and GRIN2D genes.

We know that for this to happen, clinicians, researchers, biotech companies and patient advocates need to collaborate. At CureGRIN, we believe patient families have a critical role to play in finding a cure. We have learned that over the past two decades, whenever cures or therapies are identified for a rare disease, it is because there has been a strong patient advocacy group driving research and collaboration.   

GRIN Disorders may be rare, but hope should not be. 

Our Goals 

Our goal is simple and bold: To find cures and therapies for people around the world suffering from GRIN Disorders. 

CureGRIN is committed to ensuring collaboration between clinicians, researchers, biotech companies and patient advocates, sharing everything from theories and results, to animal models and technologies. 

We follow a three-pronged approach in our effort to find a cure for GRIN Disorders.

  • Funding foundational research that will lower the barriers to studying GRIN Disorders

  • Investing directly into research projects to find therapies and cures

  • Building a Research Network for GRIN Disorders

Our Values

We are driven by our core values​:




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