Greyson is a charming, funny and hard working 10 year old. He loves YouTube, video games, swimming and being with his family and friends. He is a loving son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, and friend. 

In 2018, following a rare epilepsy diagnosis, Greyson was diagnosed as having a genetic condition known as a GRIN disorder that impacts his motor, communication and academic functioning. Despite having this disorder, Greyson is a very determined young man and has worked incredibly hard to overcome any obstacle he has encountered. 

There are over 500 known kids and adults with GRIN Disorders around the world, and thousands more that have yet to be diagnosed. As genetic testing becomes more widely accessible, the number of people diagnosed is expected to increase.

Although there is a wide spectrum of impact for people who have GRIN Disorders, many people can have devastating seizures, intellectual disabilities, speech and language disabilities, motor skill difficulties and visual impairment.