Four years ago, Kendall was born into this world, 7 weeks early.  She spent her first 6 weeks in the NICU, building up strength in her tiny lungs and learning to feed through her mouth.  As her conditioned improved, we were able to take her home to start our next journey. 


As months past, we discovered severe developmental delays and lack of motor skills.  At age 1, she started to experience seizures. The doctors suggested Whole Genome Sequence DNA Testing and discovered Kendall had a rare gene mutation, specifically GRIN2D gene mutation. 


She was diagnosed with a GRIN Disorder.  The disorder affects her brain and causes inability to develop normally like her older sister.  Since this diagnosis, Kendall has been working hard in therapy.  She started school last year and loves being around her classmates.  Seeing her smile brings joy to our hearts and we hope that someday there will be a cure for her GRIN Disorder.