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Huge Grant for GRIN Disorder Research

Updated: Feb 16

Researchers in Canada have been awarded a C$868,275 government grant (approximately US $650,000) to investigate treatments for GRIN Disorders.

Dr. Amy Ramsey, a member of CureGRIN’s Scientific Advisory Board, is the principal investigator on the five-year grant, which will explore the effect that ketogenic diets and ketone supplements have on mice with GRIN mutations.

Dr. Ramsey says a letter of support from CureGRIN was instrumental in helping her team to receive the grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research.

“Since it is so difficult to get funding, I believe this letter was key to pushing our grant up to the top of the priority list,” Dr. Ramsey wrote in a Facebook post.

Research will explore whether putting mice on a ketogenic diet, or putting them on ketone supplements, will improve symptoms such as seizures, motor impairments and social interactions. The grant will fund costs related to the mice, as well as salaries and stipends for a graduate student, a postdoctoral fellow, and a research associate.

Co-investigators named on the grant include Dr. Graham Collingridge, another member of CureGRIN’s Scientific Advisory Board, and Dr. Evelyn Lambe.

Congratulations Amy, Graham and Evelyn!