We want to hear your story about how you are taking care of and protecting your loved one with GRIN Disorder. Post on any of our social media pages with #StayHome4GRIN and or submit your stories, pictures and videos to info@curegrin.org and we will share them for you. Send a short video that we can include on our Instagram stories.


Your photo or video may be featured here on the CureGRIN website and on social media as part of this campaign. 



  1. Try to keep video to 60 seconds maximum. We can trim it if needed. 

  2. Please introduce yourself with your name, where you live, how you are connected to GRIN Disorder. Ex. My name is Denise Rehner, I live in Parker, Colorado and our son, Brett is 6 with GRIN Disorder. Today is April 8, 2020.  

  3. Answer ANY of the following questions or feel free to share anything else about how COVID-19 has affected you or unique challenges your family faces with a loved one with GRIN Disorder:  

  • What unique challenge(s) do you face with a loved one with GRIN Disorder? 

  • What does your daily life look like during this pandemic? 

  • What is the single most significant way in which your life has changed since the pandemic started?  

  • What have you done to adapt to the changes? 

  • How are you spending your time at home? 

  • How are you feeling right now?  



1. Shoot the video horizontally.   

2. Do a video test to make sure you can see and hear yourself before you start. If the video is upside down, try shooting the other direction.  

3. Look directly into your phone as though you’re video chatting with a friend on the phone.  

4. Try to get the best light. You want a light source to be facing you, not behind you. Try to find a background that’s not a white wall.    

5. Hold the phone as steady as you can. If you have a tripod for your phone use that otherwise use a stack of books or place it on a bookshelf to hold it still. If you’re quarantined with another person, you can ask them to help. If those are not options, sitting a table can help you keep your arms and hands still while freestyle shooting. 

6. Try to record in a room or space without distracting background noise. Make sure to turn off the TV and all music too. If you’re going to be holding the phone while recording, make sure you don’t cover up the microphone.   

7. These videos are not meant to look professional, so don’t worry too much about it. Just answer the questions in the most honest way possible. We want you to be authentic rather than scripted — one of the most important goals of #StayHome4GRIN. 

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